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Last orders:

Quality: Time: Trip: Route of the bus: Seats:
 --  16:28 9139(567009139) Kharkiv AS-1 - L'viv AS 2
16:28 10MT TRUSKAVETs' - L'VIV 8 1
16:30 10MT TRUSKAVETs' - L'VIV 8 1
 --  16:31 9139(567009139) Kharkiv AS-1 - L'viv AS 2
 --  16:32 9139(567009139) Kharkiv AS-1 - L'viv AS 2
16:34 1242(456001242) MYRHOROD AS - MOKRII myr 2
 --  16:34 704 UZhHOROD - KOLOChAVA# 5
16:36 10MT TRUSKAVETs' - L'VIV 8 1

We work with these payment systems:

You are on the site of on-line booking seats for buses. The site serves the trips of the buses leaving road and bus station of Ukraine. This site is a part of bus.com.ua portal "Bus Timetable of Ukraine", - and it's intended for independent selection of bus trips and payment for the tickets by cards by any user of Internet. As a part of bus.com.ua there’s also a search service for bus trips/routes, on-line timetables of the bus station, a forum for travelers and a number of other services.


To get a ticket for a bus, you should be a lawful owner of a card, allowing to pay via Internet, or an account of one of supported by us payment systems.

We accept payment cards regardless of country and issuing bank. Besides you should have your own e-mail. The information connected with your order for a bus ticket will be sent to this address. You should also have the possibility to print the information received from us.


From the legal point of view the service on our site is controlled by the public offer and by the Terms of Use. If there's something in these documents that does not suit you, then, plese, don't take advantage of our service.

How to book

Purchasing a bus ticket paying via Internet assumes some steps:

  1. choosing the necessary trip and checking on the availability of the seats in the bus
  2. paying for the bus ticket(s) by means of payment system
  3. getting the voucher confirming the fact of payment and reservation of a seat in the bus
  4. registrating the ticket(s) directly before the trip (on presenting the voucher)*

*The last step (registrating the ticket) is not obligatory from the point of view of service technology, but imperfection of the current legislation, where there's no such a concept as "an electronic ticket", compels us to introduce this operation. It should be mentioned that according to the contracts with the owners of the bus stations passengers with vouchers are served in the booking-office free of charge.

Step-by-step instruction

Step-by-step instruction describing the process of booking and getting a seat in a bus is given here. Study it if you experience difficulties when executing operations.

Support & feedback

There's a service of technical support to render assistance to users (call from 11 a.m to 8 p.m on working days).

Besides you may send your offers and remarks to support@bilet-ua.com. We will attentively consider any your remarks and give you our answer promptly.