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Forming the order

days following after chosen date
LYBERETS - STRYI , distance — ~1026 km
Departure station Destination station Price* Reliability**
Route of the bus
Carrier Bus type
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05.03.24 (Tuesday)
05.03.24 009305 000012 001520
Departure station LIBERETs': AV Liberets 15:00
vul. Vaniurova 885/5{50.7637546263648/15.047289874205}
Destination station 09:25 STRYI: AS Stryi
Vul. Vokzal'na 26{49.2543379988066/23.8339687969074}
Price2200.00 Reliability98%  --  Route of the bus/Carrier/Bus type 463 1500 0284 LIBERETs' - RAKhIV
D.M.D GROUR   NeoplanN216H
Getting ticket In the bus
05.03.24 009281 001496 000307
Departure station LIBERETs:Avtovokzal[cz] 15:20
ul. Va?urova 885/5{50.76371460775491/15.0473466571}
Destination station 08:10 STRYI:AS 1 z/d[ua]
vul. Vokzal'na, 7b
Price1950.00 Reliability97%  --  Route of the bus/Carrier/Bus type T-2851158 3044 Karlovi Vary - Kam'yanets'-Podil's'kyi (mozhlyva peresadka)
Prykarpats'kyi Ekspres   Avtobus
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05.03.24 009301 001262 000073
Departure station LIBERETs': Liberets', Aut. Nadr. 16:20
Destination station 11:00 STRYI: AS "Stryi" zaliznychnyi vo
vul. Vokzal'na, 7-B{49.2594903929223/23.8423584401608}
Price1500.00 Reliability97%  --  Route of the bus/Carrier/Bus type 372 [CZ-UA] Praha - Ivano - Frankivs'k
EAST WEST EUROLINES/TzOV "L'vivs'ke ATP-14631"   Van Hool90 mists'
Getting ticket In the bus
  • Price is oriented, exact price will be determined in the next step
  • Reliability is relation of the amount of trips, departured with no more than 30 minutes behind to scheduled departures, shown in percentage (for the last 30 days)
  • When you mouse over the dotted underlined text appears additional information