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Forming the order

days following after chosen date
BALCHYK - TERNOPIL' , distance — ~1086 km
Departure station Destination station Price* Reliability**
Route of the bus
Carrier Bus type
Getting ticket
25.06.24 (Tuesday)
25.06.24 309901 760120 610160
Departure station BALChYK(ELAIN) 15:10
Destination station 09:55 TERNOPIL'(ELAIN)
Price2100.00 Reliability100%  --  Route of the bus/Carrier/Bus type 2LUNE NESEBYR(ELAIN) - LUTs'K(ELAIN)
PP "Elain-Tur"   SETRA 50
Getting ticket In the bus
25.06.24 009001 003969 006670
Departure station BALChYK:AZS[bg] 15:10
AZS "Lafi"{43.435417/28.150944}
Destination station 10:00 TERNOPIL':AZS[ua]
AZS "OKKO", vul. Zbaraz'ke kil'tse, 1{49.546418/25.63602}
Price2100.00 Reliability97%  --  Route of the bus/Carrier/Bus type 17872 Nesebyr - Luts'k
E. Lain-Tur   n/a
Getting ticket In the bus
  • Price is oriented, exact price will be determined in the next step
  • Reliability is relation of the amount of trips, departured with no more than 30 minutes behind to scheduled departures, shown in percentage (for the last 30 days)
  • When you mouse over the dotted underlined text appears additional information