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Public Offer Agreement

on Provision of Services of System "Autovokzal-Set"

LLC "VPI-Service", further EXECUTOR, who acts on the basis of agreements with

  • OJSC "Mykolaiv Regional Enterprise of Bus Stations"
  • PE "Gal-Vsesvit"
  • OJSC "Rivne Enterprise of Bus Stations"
  • PIC "AAZ Trading Co" (Autolux TM)
  • CJSC "Chornomorska Transport Company"
  • OJSC "Kirovogradautotrans"
  • PJSC "Vinnytsia OPAS 10599"
  • PE "Tsurkan Mila Pakhomivna" (Imperia-Auto TM)
  • LLC "Khersonautotrans"
  • OJSC "Cherkassy OPAS"
  • LLC "Favorite-Design"
  • PJSC "Lugansk Regional Department of Bus Stations"
  • LLC "Khmelnytsktrans"
  • LLC "Vega-Reisen"
  • OJSC "Ternopilautotrans 16100"
  • OJSC "Zakarpatautotrans"
  • LLC "Invest Alians"

publishes this Public Offer Agreement on provision of services of advance booking and payment of bus tickets, further Agreement, on the following:


EXECUTOR using WEB interface to system "Autovokzal-Set" provides the service – advance booking and payment for bus tickets (further - Service).

CUSTOMER of Services is regarded to be legal or natural person who orders Service for its own purposes, agreed upon conditions of this Agreement and rules of WEB interface usage and also paid the Service.

Service is regarded to be presented by EXECUTOR and obtained by CUSTOMER in full from the moment of presentation of a unique code of payment of advance booking and ticket requisites in the form enabling to copy this code and ticket requisites to CUSTOMER by WEB interface means to system "Autovokzal-Set" (or e-mail).

Terms of this Agreement have equal legal capacity with regard to all CUSTOMERS.


  1. CUSTOMER pays for Service by means of 100% preliminary payment through Internet using payment systems (VISA, MasterCard, WEB-money), access to which is provided from WEB interface in accordance to rules of this payment systems and according to tariff rates of EXECUTOR. Cost of ticket(s) is simultaneously paid, it is transit costs meant for transporter (bus terminal, bus station).
  2. Service is regarded to be paid by CUSTOMER from the moment of Customer’s obtainment of confirmation of correspondent payment system on successful debiting of Service cost and cost of ticket(s) from bank payment card and/or account of CUSTOMER.
  3. The fact of obtainment of Service payment by EXECUTOR is accrual of Service cost and ticket(s) cost on account of EXECUTOR.
  4. In case of refusal from ticket and return of payment for bus tickets the cost of ticket is returned to CUSTOMER at the place ticket issuing and according to rules specified in document "Rules of Provision of Passenger Automobile Transport Services" (Approved by Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 26th September 2007 No. 1184) and taking into account charges for return of travel (transport) documents.
  5. In case of refusal from order prior to obtainment of ticket (but not less than 12 hours before bus departure) the costs paid for ticket are returned to CUSTOMER by enterprise "VPI-Service" through payment system using which the order was paid inclusive of charge for cancellation of order in the rate provided by document "Directions for Use of WEB interface system "Autovokzal-Set".


  1. EXECUTOR is obliged:
    • to present Services provided by terms of this Agreement and terms of "Directions for Use of WEB interface system "Autovokzal-Set";
    • to supply the opportunity to pay for Services by means of signing correspondent agreements of Internet-acquiring with banks and other payment systems taking into account available technical abilities;
    • to provide consultations on matters that are interesting to CUSTOMER concerning use of Services;
    • to keep privacy of Customer’s information received from him upon registration exclusive of cases provided by present legislation of Ukraine;
    • to inform CUSTOMER at web-site about all technical and preventive works causing discontinuation of Services presentation.
  2. EXECUTOR has right:
    • to discontinue provision of services due to execution of necessary technical and preventive works;
    • to change terms of this Agreement, cost of Services without accommodation with CUSTOMER providing hereby the publication of changed terms on Web-site.
  3. CUSTOMER is obliged:
    • to stick to terms of this Agreement and conditions of "Directions for Use of WEB interface system "Autovokzal-Set".
  4. CUSTOMER has right:
    • to demand and to obtain from EXECUTOR THE PROVISION OF Services in accordance to terms of this Agreement and "Directions for Use of WEB interface system "Autovokzal-Set".


  1. The quality of communication channels for general use by means of which access to Services is provided is beyond the responsibility of Parties.
  2. Each Party bears responsibility on its own for results of its activity or inactivity that caused the transition of confidential information belonging to Party to third parties.
  3. CUSTOMER bears responsibility on his own for preservation of confidentiality of his own login and password. All action with usage of login and password of CUSTOMER are regarded to be done personally by CUSTOMER.
  4. All disputes connected with obtainment of Services by CUSTOMER are settled by Parties using personal data of CUSTOMER mentioned by him during registration and ordering.
  5. CUSTOMER is responsible for in-time execution of ordered places at booking-office and obtainment of travel (transport) documents.
  6. The person obtaining travel (transport) documents at booking-office is obliged to present cashier of booking-office the requisites of ticket(s), voucher and identification document on surname mentioned voucher.
  7. All disputes that may appear concerning this Agreement or in connection with its fulfillment are settled by Parties by means of negotiations.
  8. All disputes are considered upon presence of written application sent by mail and facsimile.
  9. In case when Parties can not reach an agreement concerning disputes by means of negotiations during 30 calendar days these issues are subject to settlement according to present legislation of Ukraine.
  10. Parties are governed by present legislation of Ukraine regarding matters that are not mentioned in this Agreement.


  1. This Agreement is regarded to be concluded from the moment of payment of Executor’s Service by CUSTOMER.
  2. Upon making changes in this Agreement, discontinuation, termination of its force EXECUTOR declares the application about it on Web-site 10 calendar days before the correspondent date. In this case EXECUTOR is obliged to present CUSTOMER all Services paid by him.
  3. According to the Law of Ukraine "On protection of personal data", by this point user agrees to the owner of this resource (hereafter in this paragraph - holder of a database) to use, storage and processing of your personal information for: ordering tickets, tax and financial statements, the final check of counterparties legal services of the holder of the database. The base of personal data which hold information about you is called "Counterparties and clients". At the same time the storage of personal data is Vinnytsia, 147 Khmelnytske shosse.

    We inform you that you as the holder of personal data have rights enumerated in Art. 8 of theLaw of Ukraine "On protection of personal data".



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